Sunday, November 7, 2010

oh, the irony!!!

One of the main reasons I haven't wanted to get into the blogging world is that it grosses me out. Everyone making their lives sound better than the next person. (ie. my baby did this---ahhhh, my husband did this.---ahh etc etc ad nauseaum) HOWEVER, since I am now resolved to keep this blog more as a family journal than anything else (since I don't think many people would find our lives too gripping) my first post will be about????? Kyle.

I know, I know, I have become my worst nightmare but I just have to put it down in words since most times I am too prideful to say these things to anyone. To this day I will never know why Kyle chose me. Even now, a year into our marriage and approaching our 3rd holiday season together I don't know how he deals with me on the daily. All I know is that he is the most patient, understanding and forgiving person I know. So here is a list of all the things that Kyle does that I KNOW he doesn't want to but does them because he is my perfect match.

1. pretends to like Diet coke

2. Goes to Mcdonalds with me late at night so I can get a vanilla cone and sometimes he plays along with a fruit smoothie he doesnt finish (hard having a sugar addicted wife)

3. let's me buy endless amounts of zumba clothes and still tells me I look cute in my twelfth pair of identical zumba cargos in a different bright color.

4. listens to endless stories of the drama I encounter, (ie gym instructor drama, orem jr drama)

5. often takes me to cafe rio (which I have burnt him out on, but we Jensen's never burn out on a good salad)

6. always cleans up the peanut buttery knife I leave on the counter in the mornings (if you know me you know I eat a lot of peanut butter)

7. puts up with the "Jensen Snap" ask my Mom for explanation on that one

8. Eats lots of sandwhiches and burritos when I have a "bad teaching day" and I can't possible make dinner.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brent is Home!!

Castro's Wedding

Here are a few pics of Kyle's big debut as a groomsman in Castro's wedding... It was a wonderful day to experience a full wedding not as the bride (our first besides our own) and a lot less stressful!! Castro and Sara are a great match (thanks to Kyle and I in Mozambique last summer) and we are so happy that two good friends got married so we can hang out!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break= HEAVEN!!

Well, It is with heavy heart that i approach the last few hours of my spring break. It has been truly a glorious week of doing...WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE. This included a day of 2 bubble baths while being engulfed in a wonderful novel ("Infidel"). I taught some extra aerobics classes (to Kyle's dismay) and even attended a friend's aerobics class for sheer pleasure. (It has been 5 months since I have gone to a different instructor's class since I am ALWAYS teaching my own). I cleaned our house, did the laundry, shopped, and drank plenty of diet coke. It was truly my best Spring Break in 3 years!!! I felt pretty bad considering Kyle is approaching finals and in crunch time as I was doing absolutely nothing. He decided to have one afternoon of spring break...when he watched a Law and order episode and hung out with me for a few hours..but unfortunately his short break ended in a few hours. :)

Since I know our large readership is just dying for details of our exciting life here are a few highlights of the past few weeks:

1. Seeing our new nephew (my sister Emily's baby) Anthony Snow in the hospital

2. Buying new swimsuits for both of us (Kyle even slept in his he likes it so much)

3. I (allison) went to Ikea with my sister Jenny and nephew Gabe

4. Red Mango date with Ashley and Cameo (Orem Jr. Soc. Studies Sisters)

5. taking our Sunday walks across Prov

6. BYU Powwow where Kyle lovingly indulged my need for culture and the arts :) we were probably 2 of 4 white people there.

7. General Conference/Priesthood session Kyle and his friend Josh went with the boys.

8. Easter Egg hunt in the freezing cold at Aunt Jane's

9. Kyle doing farmwork in huntsville to help my parents and me pretending to help :) (never really was a true farm girl)

10. the obvious pictured above (Kyle's new summer-do)

Sunday, April 4, 2010